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The Trusted Advisor


The Trusted Advisor is a consultative selling system that teaches you to build trust, discover opportunities, present solutions, and support decisions.
Coaching Your Emotions

In Coaching Your Emotions, you learn that your thinking precedes your emotion. Therefore, you learn how to pay attention to your thinking and how to think appropriately in order to access those emotions that will serve you well in the given situation and to manage those emotions that will impede your performance.

Driving Growth

There are 3 significant drivers of sustainable, profitable growth: Great Leadership, a Committed Culture, and Loyal Customers. A leader must understand how to manage these drivers as a system.

Leaders Priorites

In this session, leaders learn how to drive out fear and build trust by doing what great leaders do— executing on the 4 Leadership Priorities. Each participant builds his/her personal infrastructure to help execute those priorities.

Understanding People

Every person has a unique interpersonal style. Learn how to build stronger relationships by: 
- Identifying a person’s style quickly
- Adjusting your style to meet their needs

Playing to Win

Playing not to Lose is about playing it safe.Play To Win provides you with the strategies and tools to help you live your life full-out! Through Play To Win, you learn how to think differently in order to get better results. You learn simple yet powerful tools that help you solve problems and stay on track to realizing your full potential.



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