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MicroInequities or Diversity

"Designed to drive rapid behavior change and raise business diversity performance, MicroInequities focuses on one of the most hidden barriers to success; the subtle, usually subconscious messages we all send that devalue, discourage and ultimately impair performance in the workplace at all levels in an organization.

Typically, we send between 2,000 and 4,000 positive and negative micro-messages each day. These have a powerful influence on driving the behavior of all those with whom we interact. Repeated sending or receiving of negative micro-messages, MicroInequities, results in exponential erosion of workforce effectiveness. Well-crafted constructive micro-messages, MicroAdvantages, have an equally powerful positive effect.

Micro-messages are the DNA of culture change and the missing link in diversity and inclusion."

-- George F. Robinson
Insight Education Systems is a tremendous source for insight into diversity and diversity issues...
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